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  • Equipment gets smarter, faster, more accurate

    Tue, Aug 15, 2017

    When developing or upgrading their blending equipment, companies can implement new technology in a variety of ways. Some focus on enabling machines to communicate with each other on the road to a Smart Factory, while others work to improve processing speed and dosing accuracy. Still others emphasize... [more]

  • Materials Handling: Dedusting, filter systems clean up

    Issue: August 2017

    The inevitability of dust and fines isn’t something that plastics processors can sweep under the rug when it comes to conveying. Even with filters, unwanted materials can get into air lines and vacuum pumps, which can cause production delays. Dust-control equipment makers have developed new products... [more]

  • Materials Handling: Pneumatic systems gain upgrades

    Issue: August 2017

    PNEUMATIC CONVEYING OPTIONS Positive-pressure conveying is efficient, simple and suited for conveying over long distances, said Jeff Kice, technical sales for Kice Industries, which manufactures pneumatic conveying equipment. Positive-pressure systems typically feature a positive-pressure blower package,... [more]

  • TPEI's continuous mixers ideal for some recycling efforts

    Issue: August 2017

    Continuous mixing, a 50-year-old technology that fills an important niche for compounders, is drawing new interest from recyclers. “Recyclers are coming up with more creative ways to utilize materials that were otherwise discarded, and some of the challenges those materials present can be overcome... [more]

  • Compounder develops recipes to improve products

    Issue: August 2017

    S&E Specialty Polymers, a manufacturer of standard and custom plastic compounds and concentrates, is continually enhancing its materials-handling, manufacturing and testing capabilities and developing new products to set itself apart from the competition. Duane E. Shooltz The company, located in... [more]

  • Q&A: Solving the problem that 'didn't exist'

    Issue: August 2017

    John P. Beaumont, founder of Beaumont Technologies, a leader for in-mold rheological control technologies, is also an inventor, educator and author. But Beaumont, who was inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame in 2015, sees his greatest contribution as the critical thinking he instills in others to... [more]

  • Robots taking on bigger roles in recycling operations

    Issue: August 2017

    Robots are increasingly finding applications in recycling operations. The machines don’t experience the fatigue and focus problems that humans do while sorting through materials, so they can perform significantly more efficiently. AMP Robotics AMP Robotics’ Cortex robotic sortation system... [more]

  • KraussMaffei offers faster pultrusion unit

    Issue: August 2017

    KraussMaffei has unveiled its iPul machine, a new pultrusion system that offers faster production speeds. Pultrusion is used to make profiles from fibers or woven or braided strands impregnated with resin. The name pultrusion is a combination of “pull” and “extrusion.” Unlike... [more]

  • New AGVs rolling into plastics plants

    Issue: August 2017

    With the rise of Industry 4.0, plant managers are increasingly turning to automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to streamline operations, facilitate lights-out manufacturing and cut the costs of transporting materials. Boasting new technologies, including improved sensing capabilities, AGVs can be better... [more]

  • Engel decorating process targets auto interior parts

    Issue: August 2017

    Engel, along with partner companies, has developed a new type of in-mold decorating (IMD) for automotive interior parts as a lower-cost, versatile and efficient alternative to conventional methods. In the DecoJect process, a decorative film is shaped by the contour of the injection mold in a thermoforming... [more]

PLASTICS releases promotional video
PLASTICS, the industry association, has released its latest promotional video and it addresses the very human side of plastics.