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GN will demonstrate GN800 System at NPE2018

Issue: May 2018

GN Thermoforming Equipment, a manufacturer of servo-driven roll-fed thermoforming machines, will demonstrate its GN800 for the first time in North America at NPE2018 May 7-11 in Orlando at Booth W1283.

The company first unveiled the GN800 — a form-cut-stack machine — at K2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Since then, GN has continued to enhance its features and options, said Jerome Romkey, business development manager.

The GN800 servo-driven roll-fed thermoforming system has been enhanced with a common-edge tooling technology, which allows the machine to form a series of square or rectangular trays in a row or multiple rows while eliminating all scrap between the edges of the products.

GN and Gravolab, a tooling partner from Câmpulung Muscel, Romania, recently developed a common-edge tooling technology for the GN800. Common-edge tooling offers the ability to form a series of square or rectangular trays in a row or multiple rows while eliminating all scrap between the edges of the products. The common-edge cutting tool and parts-handling method are innovative features, Romkey said.

“GN has had a long working relationship with Gravolab, and [we] partner on many projects,” Romkey said. “This new technology, to our knowledge, is being offered for the first time on a form-cut-stack thermoformer and for the first time by GN anywhere.”

The GN800 features independent top and bottom servo plug drives for better material distribution.

The ability to cut and separate trays or other parts along a common edge reduces the amount of scrap, lowering material consumption. It also provides users with a maximum product output, he said.

During its demonstration at NPE2018, GN will run a PET/PE laminated meat tray on a 12-cavity mold with an 18 percent scrap rate. If not for the common-edge cutting tool, the scrap rate would run closer to 28 percent, he said.

“As a thermoformer, if you can save many tons of material per month, not only does it add to the bottom line [because of] reduced sheet needs, but it also supports energy savings through the extrusion and recycling process,” Romkey said. “When running a meat tray such as the one we will be demonstrating at NPE, we anticipate a customer would save one 40-inch-diameter roll per day based on a 24-hour operation.”

GN has been working with several European robot makers on robots that can place absorbent pads in meat trays. The first installation of a GN800 thermoforming machine in the U.S. involving this new system is expected sometime this month. Details on the new optional robotic system will be available at NPE, he said.

GN recently started offering an optional in-line punching station that sits between the GN800’s forming and cutting stations. It is useful, for example, for adding ventilation holes to trays or fruit boxes, he said.

GN improved the GN800’s scrap-winding system to make it easier for operators to handle the wound scrap prior to recycling.

GN also added a robotic stacker as an option on the GN800. The stacker can handle a full shot of trays — the number of trays produced during a forming cycle. It can provide 180-degree rotary stacking and stack trays in alternating orientations, so they’re easier to pick up one by one — a process called denesting. 

Standard features of the GN800 also include the ability to apply grease automatically, heavy-duty bearings in the toggle system, and high-efficiency heaters.

Bruce Geiselman, senior staff reporter



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