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EPS business drives Irwin machine sales

Issue: March 2017
Irwin’s 50 NT high-output trim press
The upgraded scalariform stationary platen

During the K show, Irwin Research & Development Inc., Yakima, Wash., showcased the CE version of its Model 50 thermoforming line. The expanded PS (EPS) line was sold to a customer in Europe and delivered after the show, said Craig Richardson, Irwin’s sales and marketing director.

The line featured a Siemens-based control system and Irwin’s high-output trim press, the 50 NT, which operates at speeds of more than 200 revolutions per minute. The Siemens system has the latest in motors, drives, HMI, heat control and input/output. It offers clients one source for all electrical needs.

“Our Model 50 thermoformer has been selling very well over the last couple years due to a big upswing in EPS business in eastern Europe, [the] United States and South America,” Richardson said. Though Richardson could not disclose the total number of machines sold, he said that production has doubled.

The system features an upgraded, scalariform stationary platen on the trim press. The platen has a removal bar that can be placed in a traditional setting of a 14-inch platen opening window or moved to a 16-inch opening setting. If the bar is removed, the window opens to 20.5 inches, which allows the client to run a double row of products that need to be trimmed.

At the K show, Irwin dry-cycled a meat tray on a former with 42-up cavitation and a 14-up double-row trim press.

“This platen is extremely user-friendly for downstream packaging equipment due to the need for a large stationary platen opening,” Richardson said.

Angie DeRosa, managing editor



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