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Mold makers/processors form one-stop joint venture

Issue: July 2018

Three mold makers/processors have entered into a joint venture so they can offer engineering, mold making and production services in one stop.

Mold Craft Inc. of Willernie, Minn., Extreme Tool & Engineering Inc., Wakefield, Mich., and Westminster Tool Inc., Plainfield, Conn., announced the Plastics Technology Alliance during NPE2018.

The alliance will provide a single quoting source for the three companies, officials said, and gives customers access to three state-of-the-art facilities. The companies also will share resources and best practices.

Mold Craft specializes in making micro injection molds and custom injection molds. During NPE2018, Mold Craft focused on its micro molds and showed two variations of 100-micron filter screens. At its booth, it was running a two-cavity micromold using polyketone resin in a Wittmann Battenfeld MicroPower 15-ton press.

Mike Zacharias, president of Extreme Tool & Engineering, said that many of his company’s clients already work with one or more of the companies. Extreme’s capabilities include making complex tooling with highly engineered and integrated technologies, including conformal cooling.

Westminster Tool’s specialties include manufacturing complex injection mold systems, composite tools and high-performance components. The website for the Plastics Technology Alliance is www.plasticstechnologyalliance.com