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Manner system tracks mold performance

Issue: August 2018

At NPE2018, Manner showed the second generation of moldMind, an injection mold-monitoring system that supplies data for process optimization and predictive maintenance. Manner manufactures high-precision injection molds, valve-gated hot-runner systems and temperature controllers for molds and hot-runner systems.

MoldMind II records real-time process data generated in the injection mold, which it uses to detect production errors and to warn about critical mold conditions and required maintenance to minimize machine downtime, managing director Peter Hagen said. It tracks information relating to key parameters in the mold, including minimum and maximum cycle time, number of cycles/parts, temperature profiles, operating times and downtime.

moldMind II/ Manner USA Inc.

The device mounts on the stationary side of the mold. The system captures data from three sensors installed in the mold and manifold. A digital display presents mold data as it is collected. The system captures data from multiple temperature and cavity sensors in the mold and manifold, as well as from the cycle counter.

Hagen said moldMind II logs events that can impinge on production, such as temperature deviations, sensor damage and downtime. The system generates an alarm when it detects a critical deviation from a specified parameter. The alarm data can be transmitted to a smartphone via standardized OPC-UA.

MoldMind II can send signals via digital I/O to the injection molding machine controller so that it can take actions such as stopping the injection molding machine in the event of an alarm or malfunction.

MoldMind II stores operational data in its internal memory. The data can be accessed via Bluetooth connection, WLAN, Ethernet or USB, or partly accessed in the moldMind II cloud.

Operating parameters and other useful information, such as tool master data and user-manual instructions are documented throughout the lifecycle of the mold and can be stored in moldMind II.

Users can analyze and compare historical data to determine the production efficiency of a mold and gain insight into possible improvements to the process.

Mold owners and processors with many molds can use an integrated GPS to obtain the exact location of a mold. MoldMind II supports the planning of maintenance and repair, spare-parts management and mold refurbishment. Manner is working on upgrades that would enable the device to provide data for predictive maintenance.

Mikell Knights, senior staff reporter



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