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Hot-runner suppliers showcase enhancements, new tech

Issue: July 2017

Suppliers of hot runner technologies announced new developments or enhancements at the Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo, held in May at the Toronto Congress Centre. A supplier of injection molding machinery updated its servo-hydraulic line with a new controller and hydraulic circuit for greater performance and lower energy consumption.


HCS Heaters, Controls and Sensors, a designer and manufacturer of heating and control systems, says the fifth generation of its FuzyPro line of hot-runner controls includes enhancements to alarm and current indication features.

The FuzyPro HRC 5ALC with dual digital displays

The FuzyPro HRC 5ALC has dual digital displays with three-digit readouts of both process and set-point temperatures. Users can now more precisely program the control module to send an alarm when a process temperature varies from a set temperature, President Basil Gracious said. The unit can sound an alarm or light up as a signal.

With its new Heater Current Indicating function, the FuzyPro controller also shows the current through the heater, and will display a zero current if the heater is not functioning, which allows for users to more quickly pinpoint a production issue for maintenance. The new hot-runner controller, available since January, has front panel buttons that allow the user to select the function desired, such as soft start, open loop/manual control or closed PID control. An auto-tuning function is used to determine the PID parameters required for the controlled system.

The control module has a sampling rate of three times per second, with a resolution of 1 degree. Temperature is displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit and the module can be connected to a variety of thermocouples, including J, T, N, B, S, E, R and K types, Gracious said.

HCS Heaters, Controls and Sensors also produces temperature/process controllers, fuzzy logic controllers, limit controllers, and other types of PID or temperature controllers, as well as hot-runner systems, lab control systems, control panels, heaters, sensors, data loggers, pressure transducers, timers and relays.


STEC Industrial Solutions has introduced a hot-runner controller that manages both the temperature of the hot-runner system and the actuation of sequential valve gates. The company is a producer of scales and weighing systems, temperature-control systems, valve-gate control systems, tie-bar testing systems and pneumatic components for industrial use.

STEC introduced its new Commander series hot-runner temperature and sequential valve-gate (SVG) controller, which offers two to 120 zones of control depending on the model, where 24 zones can be configured as an SVG controller, President Yoven Noyadoo said.

STEC’s Commander series of hot-runner temperature and SVG controllers includes the STVC-L.

STEC offers the Commander in four models, including the STVC-XS that provides two to 16 zones of control; the STVC-S with two to 32 zones; the STVC-M, which has two to 64 zones, and the STVC-L, which can control two to 120 zones.

The all-in-one control module features a multi start-up sequence for process optimization, and a low-voltage soft-start feature that maximizes heater life. Features include integrated temperature and sequence valve-gate control, which offers either fuzzy logic or manual control modes. The control is accurate to within 0.9 degree Fahrenheit and operates in a temperature range of 32 degrees to 842 degrees Fahrenheit.

Users access the system through a 7-inch or 10.2-inch full-color LCD touch screen, depending on the model, and can select English, Spanish or Chinese language versions. Temperature zones can be arranged into groups for synchronous heating, while temperature data can be displayed in real-time and historical curves for ease of analysis. Temperature data can be exported to a USB.

The settings for sequential valve-gate operation can be previewed on a sequential chart, displayed on the control screen. The action of SVG control can be made by a combination of injection screw position and a point in time in the cycle.

The system also allows sensor defaults to be preset to reduce downtime, and up to 24 mold patterns can be managed (imported, exported, changed and adjusted for mold setup). Users can view operational logs and alarm records for traceability and troubleshooting.


The Onyx multicavity hot-runner temperature controller

PCS is extending its Onyx hot-runner temperature controller with additional models that offer 32 and 48 zones of control. The company launched the Onyx series last year with two models, a TC1200 unit with 12 zones of temperature control, and the TC2400, designed for 24 zones of control, sales director Bruce Konopinski said.
The two larger Onyx TC models are designed for use by molders running larger molds. Features include an HMI with a 7-inch, full-color LCD touch screen, while functions include self-diagnostics of heaters and thermocouples, synchronous heating and cooling capability, automatic soft start with auto tuning, programmable boost and standby modes, and selectable alarm modes.

The Onyx series operates in a temperature range of 32 to 999 degrees Fahrenheit. A control algorithm with automatic temperature tuning delivers a rapid response to temperature adjustment and accurately controls the temperature to within 1 degree Fahrenheit of the set point.


Lien Fa Injection Machinery Co. Ltd., Taichung, Taiwan, offers an updated version of its HBH line of servo-hydraulic presses designed for high-speed, energy-efficient molding. In North America, Fultech Machinery represents Lien Fa.

The updated HBH line, comprising 12 models with clamping forces of 38 to 770 tons, features a newly designed hydraulic circuit and integrated electrical control technology that is highly responsive. It provides precision speed and pressure control that is consistent and stable even when a long holding time is required, said Fultech President and CEO Steve Fowler.

The line has been updated to an i2000 controller from Keba AG, Linz, Austria. The KePlast i2000 controller has a 12-inch touch screen and buttons for programming and control of the press, and is designed to precisely operate the servo components while conserving energy.

Other features of the HBH line include direct clamping cylinders for fast, precise and repeatable clamping/unclamping.

The HBH line handles shot weights from 6.4 ounces to 76.5 ounces, and hourly plasticizing rates of 59.5 pounds to 1,349.5 pounds, depending on the model.

For jobs that require clamping forces from 770 tons to 4,409 tons, Lien Fa’s HB line offers the same energy efficiency but without the high-speed molding system.

Mikell Knights, senior staff reporter


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