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Ewikon updates valve-gate controller, optimizes nozzle

Issue: January 2018

Ewikon Heisskanalsysteme GmbH, Frankenberg, Germany, has updated its EDC-PRO controller for use with electric-drive valve-gate systems that use linear stepper motors.

The EDC-PRO controller can manage up to 32 electric-drive units, and functions in automatic or manual modes, Sebastian Hennrich, engineer at Ewikon Japan Co. Ltd., said in October during the International Plastic Fair in Tokyo.

The HPS III-MHR111 is Ewikon’s new multi-tip, direct side-gating
 nozzle. It’s available in three versions for simultaneous gating of two, four or eight parts.

New developments include a considerable reduction in the response time of the unit, the company said. The controller now needs just 2 milliseconds to scan signal inputs and activate the drive units. In addition, a motion profile function has been expanded that allows the unit to access six valve-pin positions within one molding cycle. The benefit is that more complex movement sequences of the valve pin are possible, Hennrich said.

In addition, the updated controller can operate drive-pin units of different sizes at the same time, which provides more design freedom for the mold maker.

Other features include a new high-resolution touch-screen display and a port that eases connectivity of the controller to a company data-communication network.

Ewikon also developed a new nozzle for producing long, tube-shaped parts used in medical applications, such as syringes and pipettes. The HPS III-MHR111 is a multi-tip, direct side-gating nozzle that the company offers in three versions for simultaneous gating of two, four or eight parts, Hennrich said.

Features include extended tip inserts and a round nozzle body that has been reduced in diameter by 15 percent compared to the standard version. These two enhancements increase the space between the nozzle body and the surface of the mold contour, giving the mold maker more space to optimize and integrate cooling and venting features around each cavity. The design improves efficiency through better filling and reduced cycle times.

A nozzle retainer, available in different lengths, allows the mold maker to adjust the nozzle to accommodate cavities for very long parts, according to Ewikon. The nozzle is especially designed to prevent leaks.

In addition to a standard tip insert that points at a 90-degree angle to the demolding direction, a tip insert with a 60-degree angle is available. Tip inserts are interchangeable on the machine, with access from the parting line, with no need to dismantle the mold.

Mikell Knights, senior staff reporter



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