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Electric presses feature 2-color molding, energy savings

Issue: September 2018

Injection molding machine makers from Asia unveiled new all-electric presses during NPE2018. The developments include a line for two-color molding, models that offer energy recovery and fast injection speeds, and an upgraded series of general-purpose machines.


Foxnum Technology Co. Ltd., Anqing, China, introduced its FDP line of all-electric two-color machines.

Foxnum’s FDP 230-ton all-electric two-color machine/Foxnum Technology Co. Ltd.

The FDP series joins Foxnum’s FAE series of single-color machines, said James Lee, sales manager in the global products division, based at Foxnum’s U.S. service center. The FDP series includes four models, with clamping forces of 130 tons, 230 tons, 350 tons and 500 tons, Lee said.

Six servo-motor and drive systems control the major movements of the FDP machines, Lee said. The line features elements, including the machine controller and servo components, manufactured within the company.

The FDP’s controller features a high-speed serial-control interface that links to a drive system, allowing for parallel machine movements that optimize cycle times. The F80i controller has a 15-inch display and comes standard with a robot interface.

FDP machines have a pair of side-by-side injection units. The high-speed, servo-driven injection units have a low-impedance, low-inertia design that allows for injection speeds of up to 300mm per second and plasticizing rotation speeds of 400 revolutions per minute. The presses feature a turntable platen that rotates 180 degrees to accommodate a second shot of material. The positioning of the table after rotation is accurate to within 0.01 degree. The platen handles one or two molds, allowing the machine to also make single-color parts, Lee said.

The platen movements are precise and repeatable to within 0.01mm. Platen sizes range from 790mm by 650mm to 1,500mm by 1,220mm. Maximum daylight ranges from 850mm for the smallest model to 1,500mm for the largest.

Foxnum is a subsidiary of the multinational electronics contracting manufacturing company Foxconn Technology Group, Taiwan.


L.K. Machinery International Ltd., Hong Kong, launched its first all-electric line at NPE2018.

L.K. Machinery’s  E2Xcel all-electric five-point double toggle machine/PMM

The new E2Xcel machines are five-point double-toggle units featuring direct-drive servo technology for injection and clamping and a servo-driven belt drive for the ejector, said Daniel Erik Anderson, regional sales manager for L.K. Systems, the company’s U.S. subsidiary.

The machines are offered with clamping forces ranging from 45 tons to 500 tons, Anderson said. The series, which is suited for a wide range of applications, including certain types of medical molding, employs control technology from Gefran. The Gefran control features a program designed to recover energy used by the servo drives during braking.

The technology also controls the valves that open and close in sequence. In addition, a user also can operate the machine as an injection-compression device.

Other features include an injection screw and barrel combination that allows for injection speeds of up to 200mm per second as standard, with the option to increase injection speed to 300mm per second, Anderson said. A central lubrication system automatically lubricates the mechanisms and components of the toggle clamp. For smooth mold opening and closing, the clamping system rides on linear supports.


TMC Technology Corp., Taoyuan, Taiwan, introduced the second generation of its AE series of all-electric toggle-clamp machines to the U.S. market at NPE2018. The machines are designed for general-purpose and high-speed applications, national technical director Scott Kinney said.

The AE line features seven models with clamping forces ranging from 55 tons to 385 tons. TMC redesigned the AE series in 2016, when it incorporated a new controller and servo-drive system. Several new features and options mark upgrades to the line.

TMC’s AE all-electric toggle-clamp press/TMC Plastic Tech Group

TMC improved the performance of certain components. The injection unit features improved control over the servo-motor drive and speed to reduce mold and nozzle damage. Nozzle contact force is created and applied using a servo-motor-driven ball screw that does not generate torque and minimizes the potential for nozzle leaks. The unit also features a highly precise load cell that accurately detects injection force, holding pressure and back pressure for closed-loop control of the machine’s operation.

TMC also offers as an option its iNET injection molding machine network connection, which allows molders to track the status of factory production. The updated AE series is designed to incorporate Industry 4.0-type monitoring and communication of the status of components operating on the machine.

The Techmation Sandal controller is available with a standard 12.1-inch touch-screen color display or optional 15-inch display. Users have the option to integrate control of auxiliary and peripheral devices into the controller.

The AE series has five servomotors that control major machine motions, including plasticizing, nozzle touch, injection, clamping and part ejection. The controller and servo-drive system deliver a response time of less than 50 milliseconds when a machine component undergoes an acceleration or deceleration. The controller and servo-system maintain the positioning accuracy to within 0.01mm.

TMC has added to the controller a new ultra-high-speed injection option of 1,000mm per second with a 40-millisecond response time. Molders also can operate machine injection at a standard speed of 200mm per second or choose a high-speed option of 300mm per second.

TMC said it is developing an all-electric two-platen model but does not have a time frame for its release.

Mikell Knights, senior staff reporter



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