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Battenfeld-Cincinnati controller hits U.S.

Issue: July 2018

Battenfeld-Cincinnati at NPE2018 showed off the latest control system for its extruders, the BCtouch UX, which is compatible with Industry 4.0 and recently made its U.S. debut.

“This year, we launched our new control system in the U.S., which is the platform that will allow us to participate efficiently in Industry 4.0, which is the biggest buzz right now,” President and CEO Paul Godwin said. “We just started introducing it to the market in North America.”

The BCtouch UX extruder controller/Battenfeld-Cincinnati

The “UX” in the name stands for “user experience” and refers to the intuitive operation of the user interface. A graphic depiction of the line and its components simplifies navigation of the control. The intuitive multitouch display function is modeled on well-known user interface designs from mobile phones and tablets.

“It’s like a handheld device where nobody reads the manual for an iPhone,” Godwin said. “They just pick it up and know how to use it. We wanted to emulate some of those features and visual cues, so operators would know where to go on the screen without a lot of instruction.”

The control comes in a 21.5-inch landscape format and features multiple language options and individualized controls for each operator.

Industry 4.0 is designed to optimize production, and according to Battenfeld-Cincinnati, the BCtouch UX offers four main benefits in this area:

• OPC-UA functionality. The standardized interface allows customers to check the data of Battenfeld-Cincinnati machines on other suppliers’ visualization systems, provided those systems are OPC-UA compatible. This gives equipment operators an easier overview of the operation of all production equipment and therefore better production planning and maintenance.

• Preventive maintenance. The controller can help operators better plan a maintenance schedule and the ordering of spare parts. The control system can be configured to monitor and report the condition of items like the motor, drive, gearbox and heaters.

• An easy-to-use remote maintenance option for quicker service.

• Simulation of a line in operation for training purposes.

Bruce Geiselman, senior staff reporter



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