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PPT quality-control providers add new capabilities

Issue: December 2017

Providers of measurement systems for pipe, profiles and tubing are offering equipment with a wider range of capabilities.


Angle Systems’ Multi Lumen Vision System (MLVS) — designed to measure the wall thicknesses of multi-tubing and multilumen and multiwall tubing — has undergone several improvements in the last year. The bench-top, vision-based system now can measure tube with diameters of up to 4 inches, thanks to hardware modifications that have allowed for the incorporation of larger optics. It is used offline.

The Multi Lumen Vision System from Angle Systems can measure the diameters, concentricity and wall thickness of cable, tubes and pipe in about 10 seconds.

“This enables us to service different markets,” President Ananda Mysore said. The extended measurement range is important for thicker cable needed for medium-voltage and high-voltage applications.

“With the improvements, the Multi Lumen Vision System can measure diameters, concentricity and wall thickness of cable, tubes and pipe in about 10 seconds, providing time and electronic data savings,” Mysore said.

The system’s new lumen-tracking capability identifies lumens based on their dimensions, rather than on their location on the sample, as had been done previously. According to Mysore, this change enables measurements to be consistent across samples with different orientations.

A new snapping function in the manual-measurement mode allows the operator to more quickly, conveniently and accurately measure any distance on the part.

The new tolerance feature allows the system to compare repeated measurements with stored values, and displays a colored background (green for pass, red for fail) so that the operator can quickly identify products that don’t meet tolerances, Mysore said.


A specialist in the extrusion industry, measurement-systems maker Inoex manufactures equipment that uses ultrasound, terahertz and optical technologies, as well as other methods, to inspect pipes.

Inoex’s inline WARP measuring systems require no contact medium, giving them an advantage over ultrasound systems, which require water or gel as a pass-through.

Rocky Couch, sales and marketing director for North America, said manufacturers of PVC, PE and gas-line pipes made of HDPE and medium-density PE are working to set up the first installations of Inoex’s inline WARP measuring systems, which use terahertz technology. Hand-held WARP scanners also are expected to begin shipping this month, he said.

Based on the measurement of millimeter waves, terahertz technology requires no contact medium, giving it an advantage over ultrasound systems, which require water or gel as a pass-through.

“By doing that, there are always problems. The water gets contaminated, it bubbles,” said Couch, who noted that ultrasound technology — like the contact media it uses — is sensitive to temperature changes, hurting its accuracy.

Terahertz technology is not influenced by such changes, and it’s especially useful in measuring products made from materials, like PE, that undergo dramatic temperature swings.

Couch said the inline installations, which can provide up to 100-percent inspection of wall thicknes, are appropriate for pipes with walls as thin as 6mm and diameters of at least 3 inches. The systems can measure wall thicknesses of up to about 5 inches for PE pipes and 1.5 inches for PVC pipes, with an accuracy of within 10 microns.

Couch said a system can be installed easily as a free-standing unit and requires only a 110-volt electrical hookup. It’s set up in a way that’s similar to an open CT scan at a hospital.

“It takes where the pipe is and automatically centers itself to the pipe,” Couch said.  

The portable units can be used on startup to measure pipe as it leaves the die, allowing “instantaneous adjustment of the die,” and can test products made from a variety of resins, he said.

Phillip Britt, correspondent


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