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Patent Report: Shredder targets large, bulky pipe

Wed, Nov 30, 2016

Herbold Meckesheim GmbH, Meckesheim, Germany, continues to expand its portfolio of intellectual property in shredding waste plastic and other materials. In August, the company was awarded a U.S. patent that focuses on large, bulky items such as PE pipe.

The feedstock could come from manufacturing rejects, including plastic pipe more than 3 feet in diameter, or rough-pressed feedstock, such as bales made of different types of materials.

Features of the system include a trough to receive the feedstock and a system to convey the feedstock to the shredder, which comprises a planar tool holder equipped with cutting tools. The tool holder oscillates relative to the feedstock.

The inventors are Augusto Fialho of Nazare, Portugal, and Karlheinz Herbold of Edingen, Germany.

Doug Smock
The newest commercial version of Herbold’s patented shredders on display at K2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The new technology continues a line of patented Herbold shredders.

At the K show held in October in Düsseldorf, Germany, Herbold showed its SMS SB granulator series with forced feeding, which was awarded a U.S. patent for shredding waste, particularly plastic bottles, six years ago. The model features high throughput and low power consumption, said David J. LeFrancois, president, Herbold USA, Slatersville, R.I.

Patent number 9,409,181; issued Aug. 9

In other patent news:

Improved melt control. A new system is designed to produce more uniform injection molded parts in mold cavities corresponding to nozzles of a hot runner. The technology includes sensors that detect at least one physical property of a melt. A controller is configured to adjust the heat output from one or more heaters based on the sensed physical properties of the melt. In addition, the controller can adjust a balance heater for heating an area of the nozzle body and a tip heater for heating an area of the nozzle tip. Husky Injection Molding Systems, Bolton, Ontario, applied for the patent.

Patent application 20160297130; published Oct. 13

Container molding. Nissei ASB Machine Co. Ltd., Nagano, Japan, has received a patent for a new way of molding large, returnable containers. The process includes a heat treatment step for what the company describes as intermediate blow molding. In the heat treatment step, the shoulder of a thick PET preform is heated at a low temperature compared with the body. The goal of the heat treatment is to remove stress from the part. The technology refers to blow molding of a large refillable container up to 5 gallons in capacity. The inventors are Daiichi Aoki and Hiroyuki Tsukamoto, both from Komoro, Japan. Aoki founded Nissei ASB in 1978.

Patent number 9,475,243; Oct. 25

Manifold nozzle. The purpose of a new nozzle and drop tip assembly is to resist the greater pressures that are encountered when a manifold assembly in an injection molding system has not been heated to the proper operating temperatures. The drop tip has a drop tip bore fitted with an internal heating insert and is connected to the nozzle body with a mechanical connection such as screw threads. The technology is described in a patent application filed by Plastic Engineering & Technical Services Inc., Auburn Hills, Mich.

Patent Application 20160279849; published Sept. 29

Resin transfer molding. A new German invention aims to reduce waste often associated with the resin transfer molding process. First Composites GmbH of Niederbreitbach, Germany, said it has developed a way to easily signal that the mold cavity is completely filled with injected material and ensure that material escaping from the mold cavity can be reused. A control system transmits a signal for closing the resin flow through a specially designed apparatus.

Patent 9,393,743; issued July 19


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