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Orenda's new pulverizer safer, boasts cooling technology

Issue: June 2018

The big parts produced by rotomolding start as powder. And, the powder often starts with a pulverizer from Orenda.

At NPE2018, Orenda expanded its pulverizer portfolio, touting its upgraded AF H1D 500, which can handle throughputs of up to about 2,600 pounds per hour, depending on material characteristics.

“We have improved safety features [and] increased the size of the mill housing additional cooling,” a company spokesman said. New features include Quick Adjust and Smart Adjust AI. “These features, never before available, will allow operators to adjust the distance between the cutting discs while the machine is running.”

The AF H1D 500 pulverizing system requires no cooling water./ Orenda Pulverizers Inc.

Employing the company’s proprietary AirForce technology, the AF H1D 500 differs from traditional pulverizers in that it requires no cooling water. Instead, it relies on the movement of ambient air to cool the mill — a technique that improves production rates, and reduces energy consumption, maintenance requirements and costs. With the AirForce technology, the machine can pulverize material to within 9 degrees Fahrenheit of its melting point. That’s in contrast to traditional pulverizers that can grind material only to within about 63 degrees Fahrenheit of its melting point.

For users, avoiding melt — the sticky goopiness that’s created by friction — is important, the spokesman stressed. “This melted material sticks to the very hot cutting discs, and cleaning is a long process that has to be done with hammer and chisel or a torch. The Orenda system allows for pulverizing at much higher temperatures, and if a melt were to occur, cleanup is a snap.”

A number of innovations contribute to cooling the AF H1D 500. The pulverizer’s mill features two air-intake manifolds, a specially designed carrying plate and lid, an isolated cooling chamber and double-faced disposable discs. “The melted material does not stick to the discs, because the discs remain cool while in operation,” the spokesman said.

According to the company, in testing involving PE, Orenda technicians were unable to produce melt.

Orenda says that cooling technology can result in a doubling of production rates, a 30 percent longer disc life and energy savings of 40 percent.

Besides rotomolding, the Orenda pulverizers can be using to produce resin powder for pipe and conduit production, as well as siding, fence, window and deck manufacturing, and by masterbatch producers, recyclers and compounders. They work with a variety of resins, including PE, PVC, ultra-high-molecular-weight PE, nylon, PP, PS and PC.

Karen Hanna, copy editor



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