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Parkinson Technologies lab features MasterSlit DC4

Issue: November 2017

To better support its Dusenbery brand of converting systems, Parkinson Technologies Inc., Woonsocket, R.I., has added a new slitting lab featuring its MasterSlit DC4 slitter/rewinder, as well as the TA72 heavy-duty shaftless unwind. The lab will enable customers to conduct slitting trials and test mill rolls as large as 72 inches in diameter and 10,000 pounds, as well as rewind packages as large as 40 inches in diameter at speeds of up to 2,625 feet per minute.

Shear, crush and razor slitting tools are available, and if customers are unable to travel to the Woonsocket facility in person, they can send in materials to be tested.

In the coming year, the Dusenbery team plans to expand the lab’s capabilities and add a compact slitter with an automatic knife-position system.