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Engel revamps e-connect, expands technical center

Issue: November 2017

Injection molding machinery maker and automation supplier Engel has announced improvements to its online customer portal and the expansion of its technical center in York, Pa.

Engel’s 12,000-square-foot tech center in York, Pa., has room for six Engel presses.

The upgraded customer portal, e-connect, will be available to customers in the U.S. in the near future. E-connect provides an overview of equipment offerings, the status of service and support orders, and the availability of spare parts. The new version is compatible with Industry 4.0 and will simplify and speed up communications between Engel and its customers.

The portal supports Engel’s predictive, condition-based maintenance technology, called e-connect.monitor. Customers will be able to access the condition of plasticizing screws and spindles online.

“In developing the new software, the aim was to provide customers with more specific information, establish contact with them even faster, and provide the best possible support to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0,” said Verena Paradeis, product manager for e-connect.

Engel’s 12,000-square-foot tech center has room for six Engel presses running a range of thermoplastic and elastomer materials, as well as rooms with audiovisual systems for training. Any model across the company’s lineup of hydraulic, all-electric, tie-bar-less, toggle and two-platen machines could be on the floor at any given time.

The machines are available for training purposes, materials testing, technology demonstrations, part- or technology-related R&D, cycle-time optimization studies and industry events.

Engel also remodeled its technical center in Corona, Calif., earlier this year. That project added an enhanced and expanded classroom. A machine showroom is available for R&D-related activity and customer events.

While it has been growing its R&D efforts in the U.S., Engel’s production will continue to be based in Europe. CEO Stefan Engleder said the company plans to make approximately $475 million in capital investments at production facilities in Europe this year.

“Our customer satisfaction will continue to be the focus in North America, with an emphasis on strengthening our aftermarket service and spare-parts distribution center,” he said. “Investments will continue both in our workforce and in our facilities.”