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Beckwood opens bigger HQ, expands services

Issue: November 2017

Beckwood Press Co., a Fenton, Mo., maker of hydraulic and compression molding presses, is unveiling a new service to help customers design the press that’s right for them. It’s also planning a move to a bigger facility for engineering the equipment.

At this month’s Fabtech event in Chicago, Beckwood’s Booth A5448 will provide the opportunity to work with company officials to design a new press using a software program known as the Launch simulator. They’ll discuss their applications to determine the optimal press options and features, and then use the software to “launch” their design by:

1. Choosing a frame style (two-post, four-post, gib-guided, C-frame),
2. Adding general specifications such as bed size, tonnage, speed, stroke and heat parameters, and
3. Selecting options, including a quick die-change system, bed shuttles, safety features, bolster mounting, motion controllers and energy-efficient technologies.

Once the parameters are entered, the software generates a preliminary sketch of the machine. Attendees interested in using the simulator can reserve a time by emailing fabtech@beckwoodpress.com.

Beckwood also is moving ahead with plans to move into a new, 55,000-square-foot headquarters a mile north of its current home. Planned to open by June, it will be equipped with extended ceiling heights to accommodate a heavy crane, 10,000 square feet of office and meeting space, and nearly 5,000 square feet for demonstration equipment.