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Amsler relocating its headquarters to Bolton, Ontario

Issue: August 2018

Blow molding equipment supplier W. Amsler Equipment Inc. announced it will move about 20 miles from its current headquarters in Richmond Hill, Ontario, to a new location in Bolton, Ontario. The company has signed a lease for the property, which will let Amsler spread out into more than 34,000 square feet, more than doubling its current available space.

“We’ve experienced rapid growth over the last five years, and we’ve outgrown our current space,” marketing manager Heidi Amsler said. Sales, engineering, manufacturing and service personnel will share the new facility, which will also offer more room for business development, project management activities, machine development, pilot production and classroom training.

The move will put the company closer to the Toronto Pearson International Airport and rail transportation. Amsler planned to begin occupying the space, which is undergoing renovations, beginning Aug. 1. The address of the firm’s new headquarters is 31 Parr Blvd., Bolton, Ontario. The company’s new phone number is 905-951-9559.