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Thermoforming machine boasts flexible stacking

Issue: K in Focus November 2016

Twist 700 WM Thermoforming’s latest thermoforming machine has a tilting platen and is designed to produce PP, PET and PP/ethylene vinyl alcohol containers. The machine has a clamping force of 44 tons and speeds up to 50 cycles per minute, and can accommodate molds measuring about 28 inches by 16 inches.

What’s new? The thermoforming machine and its new stacking technology and software.

Benefits Fast cycle times, stacking flexibility and more efficient operation. The machine is 20 percent faster than models in the company’s FT series. The machine’s new MSv stacker can stack and count any shape of product, including cups, containers and shallow products such as lids. Also, the new Machine Learning System software helps the operator to optimize the processing parameters and to synchronize the machine and its stacking system.   

Hall 3/A16, WM Thermoforming Machines, Stabio, Switzerland, 41-91-640-7050, www.wm-thermoforming.com