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Thermoformer can form, cut and stack

Issue: July 2015

GN800 The latest thermoformer from GN Thermoforming has a forming area of 800mm by 570mm and features a high-efficiency oven that is about 2.28 meters long. It handles all thermoformable grades of PET, OPS, HIPS, PLA, PP and PVC, and can run sheets as wide as 880mm with thicknesses from about 0.25mm to about 1.5mm. The machine’s forming and cutting stations have a cutting force of about 82.6 tons.

What’s new? For GN, the ability to form, cut and stack all at once. The machine, which was developed in partnership with Agripak srl, Milan, also features GN’s first movable top and bottom platens, as well as plug-assist, which helps to distribute the material more evenly. Other features include extra space between the forming and cutting stations to provide extra cooling time for heavy-gauge materials, and an optional lid counter.

Benefits Efficiency from combining the forming, cutting and stacking processes into one unit, and the flexibility of being able to form up to 150mm above and below the sheet line.

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