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Sunwell debuts largest MT thermoformer

Issue: K in Focus November 2016

MT900 Sunwell Global’s new servo-electric, form-and-trim in-mold thermoformer is equipped with tilt-bed technology, in which the lower platen retracts down and rotates to transfer the product to the customer’s choice of one of two of the company’s automatic stacking units — the Mandrel swiveling or Waterfall systems. Compatible for use with all thermoplastics, the machine is especially suited for manufacturing PP containers and cups. It can perform as many as 40 cycles per minute.

What’s new? The size. With a maximum forming area of about 35 inches by 20 inches, the MT900 is bigger than the other offering in the MT line; the MT700 offers a forming area of about 28 inches by 16 inches. The new machine offers a depth of draw of about 7 inches.

Benefits Energy efficiency, flexibility and convenience. The MT900, which is especially suited for forming deep-draw products, can work in both roll-fed and inline configurations, and its tilt-bed design results in significant labor savings.

Hall 3/D52, Sunwell USA LLC/Thermoforming Systems LLC, Union Gap, Wash., 509-454-4578, www.sunwellglobal.com.tw, www.tslusa.biz