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New thermoformer built for high speeds

Issue: October 2015

IC-RDM 76K Illig’s new thermoformer is built for high-speed production. Features include calculation of basic settings for heater and machine parameters and real-time process monitoring, so that precise adjustments can be made based on data.

What’s new? The machine, which was introduced at World of Cups, Illig’s open house in June.

Benefits Improved output and precision movement. At the open house, the thermoformer produced about 126,000 cups an hour. The IC-RDM 76K makes use of a larger forming area, about 30 inches by 21 inches, than an earlier model, the IC-RDM 75, which has a forming area of about 27.5 inches by 18 inches. In addition, the machine uses an innovative gear for the main drive that is expected to extend the service life of the mold.

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