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New machine from Kurtz produces expanded PP foam

Issue: March 2018

Thermo Foamer Kurtz Ersa’s latest machine is used to produce expanded PP foam that is then bonded to another thermoplastic material downstream in an injection molding press. Applications include products for the automotive, medical and packaging industries. Options for the Thermo Foamer include robotic systems for part removal, conveying systems and a quality-testing station for optical measurement and weighing.

What’s new? The machine and its Thermo Select technology. Launched in Europe in November, the Thermo Foamer  now is available in the U.S. Thermo Select technology enables the formation of a firm, adhesive-like bond between the foam and the thermoplastic without the use of adhesives.

Benefits Dimensionally accurate parts with high-quality surfaces, including textured surfaces. The machine also features a closed-loop cooling system for significant energy savings.

Kurtz North America, Plymouth, Wis., 920-893-1779, www.kurtzersa.com