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Machine thermoforms, labels in one step

Issue: November 2015

IC-RDML-70b Illig’s new thermoformer forms cups and places labels in one step. The system removes pre-printed labels from a magazine and places them into the mold cavities in the forming station of the thermoformer. During a demonstration at World of Cups, Illig’s open house in June, the machine produced 17,280 rectangular PP tubs an hour. The machine has a forming area of about 27 inches by 12 inches.

What’s new? The in-mold labeling and decorating capability, which has been added to Illig’s standard, mid-sized thermoformer, the RDM 70K. Machines with the capability are available under the new model name, the IC-RDML-70b. 

Benefits Flexibility of labeling options and capabilities. The machine can work with all label variants, from two-sided labels to full decoration, so more attractive decoration is possible. The labeling system allows decoration to be changed without interrupting production. Both the outside areas, as well as the bottom, can be printed, using either offset printing or gravure printing. Also, because the label improves the sidewall stability of the cup or container, less material is needed to provide rigidity. 

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