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FiberForm press gains swivel-plate tech

Issue: April 2018

FiberForm KraussMaffei is offering new capabilities for its FiberForm technology, which combines the thermoforming of lightweight composite sheets and injection molding into one fully automated process. The process, which primarily has been used in the automotive industry, increases the strength of fiber-reinforced plastic parts. Sheets made of fiber in a thermoplastic matrix are heated, shaped in the injection mold and then back-injected.

What’s new? The addition of KraussMaffei’s SpinForm technology, previously offered in some of the company’s injection molding machines. Swivel-plate SpinForm technology can be used to cost- effectively manufacture parts using multiple resins, to create hard and soft areas, for example. In the SpinForm process a spin unit rotates the mold 180 degrees after the first resin is injected so that the part can be overmolded with a second resin.

Benefits New applications for FiberForm, and cost-effective, large-scale production of overmolded composite parts. Also, the technology can be used to create new visual and haptic features for thermoplastic composite parts in a single process.

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