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Conditioning unit provides faster curing

Issue: July 2016

REELAX Colines’ new thermal conditioning unit for its cast film lines expedites the annealing process. Though the Reelax system can be used with any of Colines’ lines, it is especially suited for processing cast PP, which is susceptible to shrinkage during curing. The unit is available on both new lines and as a retrofit on older lines. 

What’s new? The units, which Colines demonstrated at its factory in March and April. The line it exhibited, a five-layer, 2,500mm Polycast system with four extruders, is shown.

Benefits Faster curing, with better results. Compared to other processes, film can be prepared for thermoforming significantly more quickly using REELAX — sometimes in half the time. Film processed this way also exhibits higher strength.

Colines SpA, Novara, Italy, www.colines.it

U.S. sales representative Lorenzo Paggi, 39-0321-486311