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Bottle machine gains sensor, camera options

Issue: July 2016

Agami Serac has added optional sensors and cameras to its vertical thermoforming machines to increase their functionality. The machines form bottles from reels of PP or PS, forming the plastic first into tubes, before blowing the tubes into bottles.

What’s new? The ability to thermoform bottles out of preprinted PP reels. To meet the demands of a Turkish bottler of drinking yogurt, Serac equipped its bottle-making equipment with sensors and cameras, which assure that the reels are properly aligned. It is currently working with a U.S. manufacturer to customize a line for preprinted reels, which would be its first in this country.

Benefits Reduced machine footprint. By eliminating the need for a downstream labeler or sleeve applicator, Serac has significantly pared down the space necessary to create bottles with labels.

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