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Amut debuts ACF thermoformer

Issue: K in Focus November 2016

ACF Amut’s new thermoformer series handles a range of materials, including PET, HIPS, PS and PP, and can be used to produce a wide variety of products, from flower pots to plates and trays. The machines are available in various optional configurations. Depending on the setup, they can perform forming or forming, as well as cutting; the cutting configurations involve options of one, two or three stations. Other options include servo-driven plug assist, quick-change devices and a variety of heating choices. In addition, the machines can be integrated with a side-entry robot for affixing labels.

What’s new? The series, which borrows from technology used in Amut’s V and F series machines. At the K show, Amut demonstrated the ACF 820, which is shown.

Benefits Cost-effectiveness, reliability and flexibility to produce a wide variety of products. The rugged, high-speed series represents a lower price point than either Amut’s V or F series.

Hall 3/E40, Amut North America, Vaughan, Ontario, 905-761-9400, www.amut.it