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System combines mixing, discharge units

Issue: September 2018

Mixing/discharge system A new turnkey mixing and discharge system from Charles Ross & Son extrudes mixtures into strands. It can be used to process filled epoxies, fiber-reinforced plastics, syntactic foams, polymer dispersions, TPEs and other materials. The system is available in mixing capacities of 1, 2, 4 and 5 gallons.

What’s new? The combination of the company’s VersaMix mixer and Model DS discharge system in a turnkey system; both are mounted on a common bench. The system has two vessels, one for mixing and one for extrusion. A hydraulic lift raises and lowers the mixing vessel to and from the mixing position. When the vessel is in the raised position, it transfers the finished product into the extrusion vessel below. The extrusion vessel then moves to the discharge system, which uses a platen to push the material through a perforated die plate, forming strands. Shown is a system featuring a VersaMix Model VMC-1 mixer and Model DS-1 discharge system.

Benefits Convenience and versatility. The setup combines two pieces of equipment into one platform. Also, VersaMix mixers have independently driven low- and high-speed agitators, making the system suitable for handling materials with viscosities of up to about 1 million centipoise.

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