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Sipa injection press offers mold reliability

Issue: October 2018

XForm 500 Sipa’s 500-ton preform injection molding machine is capable of handling molds with as many as 180 cavities. It has a dry cycle time of 1.6 seconds or better on a 400mm stroke.

What’s new? Upgrades to tooling supplied with the machine. The changes include a new hot-runner design and mold-alignment system, as well as a special coating on the stack components.

Benefits Improved reliability, with Sipa’s guarantee that the machine’s tooling can achieve 11 million maintenance-free cycles. Once guaranteed for 8 million maintenance-free cycles, the tooling now is even more robust. Sipa’s hot-runner redesign allows superior balance and causes less stress to components, while the alignment system protects tapers and guarantees that the moving half is always centered.

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