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Sacmi's bottle-making system integrates processes

Issue: February 2018

Heroblock Sacmi’s all-in-one series of bottle-making lines incorporates equipment for blowing, filling, capping and labeling; versions are available for either uncarbonated water or fizzy beverages. The biggest of the lines employs an eight-mold machine that can handle as many as 4,000 bottles per hour (bph) per mold. Machines in the line, which can be equipped for either single-cavity or dual-cavity molding, can produce bottles weighing as much as 5.8 grams and with neck supports as wide as about 1.5 inches.

What’s new? The integration of all four elements of the line, from blowing to labeling. At Drinktec in September in Munich, Sacmi showcased a line with six molds, 12 capping heads and 18 bottle-supporting plates inside the roll-fed labeling carousel. The line had 27 filling valves, which could accommodate 20,400 bph.

Benefits High-speed, sanitary production of bottles.

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