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Rotomolding unit boasts fans, brake system

Issue: August 2016

SMART Leonardo technology Persico’s rotomolding machine features a compact molding chamber and up to 24 temperature control zones, depending on machine size. It uses thermoresistors, rather than an oven, for mold heating, and built-in fans for cooling. The acronym stands for Simple, Maintenance-friendly, Affordable, Reliable, Time-to-market.

What’s new? Two additional sizes and the replacement of the machine’s mechanical braking system with pneumatic brakes. The capacity of the height dimension of both the new 2.4 and 2.8 sizes is comparable to that of a conventional offset arm in a machine with a diameter of 100 inches. Widthwise, the 2.4 is comparable to a conventional machine with a diameter of 120 inches, while the 2.8 is comparable to one with a diameter of 140 inches.

Benefits Flexibility and higher productivity, compared to traditional systems, thanks to shorter cycle times. With the new brakes, the system has the flexibility to stop the arm in any position. As an option, it can be equipped for easy swapouts of the spider, the metal frame that holds the mold. A system for spider recognition is also available; it can identify the spider that’s in use and automatically load the correct molding recipe.

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