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New Rotoline rotomolder boasts an enclosed oven

Issue: November 2016

TNC 30 Rotoline’s new automated rotomolding machine can use different colors and materials in each layer of the large, closed, multilayer tanks it makes. Unlike the open-flame rotomolding machines often used in the manufacture of such tanks, the TNC 30 features a completely enclosed oven.  

What’s new? The machine, which has been on the market a couple of months.

Benefits Large-scale, safe production of tanks. The new machine has no exposed heating elements and requires very little operator involvement. Compared to open-flame machines, it consumes less gas and produces tanks that require less time to cool. It can produce one tank every 2.35 minutes, or about 12,000-14,000 tanks every 22 days — an output that would require 10-12 open-flame machines and as many operators.

Rotoline LLC, Kent, Ohio, 330-677-3223, www.rotoline.com