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Kurtz debuts insert molding machine at K

Issue: March 2017

Roto Foamer Kurtz Ersa is offering a new machine for expanded PS and expanded PP insert molding. Applications for the Roto Foamer include bicycle helmets and automotive components such as seats and headrests. The machine features a horizontally rotating double steam chamber. Automation options include robot systems for insertion and parts removal, quality test stations, conveying systems and printing systems.

What’s new? The Roto Foamer, which the company introduced at the K show.

Benefits Dramatically shorter cycle times, compared to standard machines. Cycle times are reduced by as much as 50 percent because a second tool is loaded with the metal insert while molding is taking place in the first tool. Also, the space-saving design allows for improved accessibility.

Kurtz North America, Plymouth, Wis., 920-893-1779, www.kurtzersa.com