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Ferry makes RS-2600 more energy efficient

Issue: NPE Supplement May 2015

ROTOSPEED RS-2600  The modular independent-arm model of this rotational molding machine from Ferry Industries has straight arm weight capacity of 3,000 pounds per arm. The standard machine has three arms/carriages but can be purchased with one arm and custom configured for up to four. Ferry is showing the machine with the new features.

WHAT'S NEW?  A new control package and a more compact footprint due to a revised design in the shape of the oven and the cooler area. The new RotoCure integrated process control enables the operation of RotoSpeed’s InfraRed Thermometry (IRT) control system, which monitors mold surface temperatures and automatically self-adjusts oven or cool times; and its RotoLog tool, which provides real-time cycle diagnostics. It also can generate reports to local stations or the user’s intranet.

 BENEFITS  Enhanced process control for faster operations and greater energy efficiency for small to medium part applications.

Ferry Industries Inc., Stow, Ohio, 330-920-9200, www.ferryindustries.com