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493K brings benchtop testing to rotomolding

Wed, Jan 07, 2015

K-kreator This benchtop rotational molding machine from 493K allows processors to mold samples for mechanical testing without the need to transfer gases, polymer powder, water, power or signals through a hot arm. With a footprint of 67 inches by 32 inches by 79 inches, the 880-machine can be wheeled to any location and operates on a single-phase electric supply.


What’s New? Rotation control, with accuracies of 0.1 of an angular degree on major and minor axes and major axis speeds of up to 150 rpm. Programmed wall thicknesses, accomplished by varying the residence time of the mold wall in the powder pool, can include variations such as for thickening areas containing insert. K-Kreator comes with a hexagonal mold that is 12 inches high and 10.5 inches wide across the points. Heating the mold electrically and mounting the oven on the inside of the major axis of rotation — with all mold support metal work outside of the oven — results in lower system heat loss and less energy required to bring the mold to temperature. The oven has a maximum operating temperature of 572 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit handles shot weights up to 5.5 pounds to produce parts with a 3mm wall.


Benefits More control over the process, including ambient conditions. Also, the ability for small shot weights accommodates testing before launching full production.


493K Ltd., Ballyclare, Northern Ireland, 44-289-335-9922, www.493k.com