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Starlinger adds active shredder to recycling line

Issue: December 2015

RecoSTAR universal Starlinger has upgraded its recoSTAR universal recycling line, which is designed to process a wide range of plastic waste, including film, molded parts, fibers and filaments made from a variety of resins. Options include various degassing and filter systems, depending on the input material, and water-ring, underwater and strand pelletizers. 

What’s new? The Active shredder, which can process input material in almost any form without pregrinding. The shredder’s high-performance rotor can be cooled to offset frictional heat that could melt the material and result in clogs. The rotor also can be heated when processing humid materials.

Benefits User-friendly, energy-efficient operation. The line features completely automatic start-up and shut-down operations as well as a self-reversing rotor that removes material buildup automatically during production. Easily accessible service openings and simple knife changes also ensure maximum uptime. The efficient extruder drive and infrared barrel heating save energy. 

American Starlinger-Sahm, Fountain Inn, S.C., 864-297-1900, www.recycling.starlinger.com