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RecoSTAR recycling line is highly automated

Issue: September 2015

RecoSTAR dynamic The latest recycling line from Starlinger & Co. GmbH, Vienna, Austria, is especially suited for hygroscopic, wet and foamed materials, but also processes films, fibers, thermoplastic in-house production scrap and washed post-consumer plastics. RecoSTAR dynamic is available in six sizes with outputs of 331 to 5,732 pounds per hour. 

What’s new? A high degree of automation. The equipment’s Smart feeder automatically switches into standby mode when material feeding is stopped. Automatic temperature control allows for the processing of input materials with different moisture levels while maintaining consistent product quality. Speed and friction are automatically adjusted to the input material to achieve optimal material preparation, which is important for recycling LLDPE stretch/shrink film or biaxially oriented film.

Benefits Energy and cost savings. Energy recovery systems and an efficient extruder drive design result in energy-efficient operation and lower operating costs. 

American Starlinger-Sahm Inc., Fountain Inn, S.C., 864-297-1900, www.starlingersahm.com