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Polyolefin recycling equipment series expands

Issue: October 2016 Plastics Recycling

This story appeared in the second edition of Plastics Recycling magazine in October 2016.

recoSTAR dynamic 215 Starlinger-Sahm’s parent company, Starlinger & Co. GmbH, Vienna, has added to its polyolefin recycling series with this new line. Built with a high degree of automation, the line can process more than 5,000 pounds per hour, using less than 0.16 kilowatt of energy per pound.  

What’s new? The line, which Starlinger presented to some of its customers in the summer in Europe. The company planned to install the first of the new size of recoSTAR dynamics at a facility in Spain, where it would be used to reprocess post-consumer EPS. 

Benefits Flexibility and high-throughput recycling, requiring minimal energy in terms of human input and electricity. The recoSTAR dynamic lines can process a wide range of plastics and are especially suited to handle materials that are moist, hygroscopic or very contaminated. 

American Starlinger-Sahm Inc., Fountain Inn, South Carolina, 864-297-1900, www.starlingersahm.com