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Line washes and grinds milk jugs

Issue: October 2016 Plastics Recycling

This story appeared in the second edition of Plastics Recycling magazine in October 2016.

HDPE Milk Jug Recycling Line Designed, built and installed by Foremost Machine Builders, this custom line washes and recycles HDPE jugs of expired milk. After the milk is dumped, the jugs are fed into a QG-1814W wet grinder from Foremost—the first step in the new line. In this step, water is introduced at the top of an infeed hopper, rinsing the plastic chopped by the wet grinder’s three-bladed rotor as it pushes it through a 0.375-inch cutting chamber screen. The wet grinder has an 18-inch-by-14-inch throat and high-shear, counter-skewed rotor with a 30-horsepower motor. Following the grinding step, the regrind is carried up an inclined dewatering discharge auger, while the water drains out of a screen. At the top of the incline, water is reintroduced for further cleaning, then the material enters a spin dryer. Moving upward through a series of screens, the material steadily loses moisture, thanks to a DB-10 direct-drive blower from Foremost. Finally, the dried material leaves the top section of the dryer through a fill spout that carries it into a gaylord.   

What’s new? The line, which was customized and installed in the last few months. 

Benefits Production of clean, dry regrind that can be resold. Once processed, the material contains less than 2 percent moisture. The line handles 300 pounds per hour.

Foremost Machine Builders Inc., Fairfield, New Jersey, 973-227-0700, www.foremostmachine.com