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Gneuss optimizes screw for its MRS extruder

Issue: April 2018

MRS Gneuss has expanded the capabilities of its MRS extruder, which originally was developed for processing PET and is especially suited for recycling hygroscopic polymers and resins that require a high degree of devolatilization. The MRS design is based on a conventional single-screw extruder, but also has a multi-rotation section with eight satellite single screws that are driven by a ring gear and pinion transmission. Consequently, the MRS offers devolatilization that is 50 times greater than a traditional single-screw extruder. This eliminates the need for pre-drying or a deep vacuum system.

What’s new? Gneuss has optimized the screw in both the feed and devolatilization sections. This allows it to process materials with different viscosities, such as polyolefins and nylons. At NPE2018, Gneuss will exhibit an MRS 130 extruder as part of a complete Gneuss Processing Unit that includes a fully automatic melt filtration system. The unit is capable of processing 2,000 pounds per hour of undried and uncrystallized PET.

Benefits Greater flexibility for processing different resins.

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