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Gneuss MRS extrusion line targets PET recycling

Issue: NPE Supplement May 2015

Multi Rotation System line This extrusion line from Gneuss’ Processing Technology division, which features an MRS 160 extruder, is well-suited for processing recycled PET reclaim without pre-drying. The company offers more than 50 MRS extruders in various sizes for sheet, fiber and repelletizing applications.

What’s new? The sturdy MRS 160 is the biggest extruder Gneuss has ever brought to a show. It combines a single-screw extruder with a multiple screw section, making it ideal for recycling applications. A water ring vacuum system processes the PET directly, eliminating pre-drying. The MRS drum has eight satellite single screws driven by a ring gear and pinion transmission. Barrels cut into the drum are about 30 percent open, providing good melt exposure.

Benefits Energy savings, easy operation and maintenance, processing flexibility and a homogenous melt. Devolatizing performance is about 50 times greater than a conventional single-screw extruder without high vacuum or pre-drying, making it an economical and efficient option.

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