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Customized machine from KraussMaffei and Erema recycles and extrudes

Issue: October 2017

EdelweissCompounding This new, customized line from KraussMaffei (KM) Berstorff is designed for recycling post-industrial LLDPE waste and compounding highly filled material made up of as much as 70 percent calcium carbonate. It encompasses a KM twin-screw extruder and an Erema recycling extruder, as well as a melt filter, melt pump and a water-cooled die face pelletizing system. At KM’s TecDay in July in Linz, Austria, the company used a test version of the line to turn post-industrial PP film scrap with varying levels of contamination into a PP material that had 30 percent talc content in a two-stage extrusion process. The test line is rated for filler contents of up to 80 percent and a maximum throughput range of 2,200 pounds per hour. The line is made up of a CoErema 1108 T recycling extruder and a KM Berstorff ZE 60 R UTXi twin screw extruder.

What’s new? The combination of an Erema extruder and KM Berstorff recycling extruder in a recycling line.

Benefits Optimization of the entire recycling production sequence, from material recycling through compounding. The line produces compounds comparable to virgin material.

Erema North America Inc., Ipswich, Mass., 978-356-3771, www.erema.com

KraussMaffei Corp., Florence, Ky., 859-283-0200, www.kraussmaffeigroup.us