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PX all-electrics boast more options

Issue: August 2018

PX The all-electric injection molding machines in this line from KraussMaffei can be configured with a wide variety of clamping and injection unit combinations, due to their split machine beds. This means that the injection unit and the toggle clamp each have their own base. Suited for a wide range of applications, PX presses feature energy-efficient operation and a rolling linear guide to guarantee platen parallelism. They are designed for ergonomics and accessibility.

What’s new? Two models: the PX 25 and the PX 320, the smallest and largest in the line. The PX 25 has 28 tons of clamping force and the PX 320 has 360 tons of clamping force. The new sizes go on sale in the U.S. in October. Shown in the photos are a PX 160 and a small part molded by a PX 25.

Benefits More molding options. The small machine is targeted at products with low shot weights such as medical products and precision components such as gears. The large machine allows plastics processors to increase their output through the use of multicavity molds.

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