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KraussMaffei's T-RTM gains upgrades

Issue: March 2017

T-RTM KraussMaffei has upgraded its thermoplastic resin transfer molding (T-RTM) equipment, which combines reaction process machinery with transfer molding to create components from continuous fibers, caprolactam and thermoplastic resins.

What’s new? The RimStar 8/8 T-RTM metering system, which melts the material on-demand. The new metering system allows for processing temperatures up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit, making the machine suited for use with polyamide 6. The metering system was introduced at the K show, where the T-RTM equipment was molding frames for the roof of a sports car. 

Benefits Higher product quality and very accurate temperature control, from the initial melting point to injection. Because the caprolactam material is only melted when needed, the thermal load on the melt is minimized, preventing aging of the material’s two components. 

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