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Negri Bossi expands its injection series

Issue: September 2018

Canbio ST Negri Bossi’s twin-servo-pump hydraulically-powered molding machines are available in clamping forces of 200, 280, 370, 450 and 560 tons. They employ a fourth-generation toggle system and multiple injection units are available. Tactus touch-screen PCs come standard.

What’s new? The use of additional injection units. At NPE2018, Negri Bossi displayed a 180-tonner capable of using three dissimilar materials to produce a ping-pong paddle with four distinct finishes. The main 45mm plasticizing unit produced the paddle’s rigid polybutylene terephthalate body, while a second unit produced a tactile TPU handle. The machine molded different LSR skins to each side of the broad surface of the paddle.

Benefits Flexibility. With the addition of injection units, the Canbio STs can produce an even greater array of parts.

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