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Latest Venus press to debut

Issue: May 2018

Venus series Designed to conserve energy, the all-electric machines in this Haitian series have been available since 2007. With 6,000 machines sold worldwide, the company is now developing the next generation in the series.

What’s new? The launch of the series’ third generation, with the introduction of the 101-ton VE900 III. At NPE2018, it will use an eight-cavity mold to produce a medical in-dwelling needle body. The shot size will be 0.035 ounce, with a cycle time of 10.5 seconds. Once fully developed and commercialized, improvements to the line will include upgrades to its clamp design and increases in injection-unit pressure capacity. The new machines will range from the 45-ton VE400 III to the 899-ton VE800 III.

Benefits Ease of use and flexibility. With the new open design, operators will be able to install bins underneath the machine to catch newly made parts as they’re ejected.

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