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Wittmann Battenfeld boosts EcoPower unit

Issue: December 2017

EcoPower Unilog B8 Wittmann Battenfeld recently upgraded its EcoPower Unilog B8 line of all-electric injection molding machines, which first became available in the U.S. last January.

What’s new? The company has increased the machine’s maximum closing speed to 1,400mm per second by using a highly dynamic rack-and-pinion drive for the clamping unit. The machine also features a new, high-resolution digital absolute value encoder. The low-noise injection spindle (shown left inset photo) has been upgraded with a modern ball-screw drive featuring plastic spacers between the balls that prevent damage. The company also optimized the control system, an ongoing process. The upgrades were shown for the first time at Fakuma in October.

Benefits Improved performance. The rack-and-pinion drive (shown right inset photo) offers minimal transmission loss, zero maintenance and a harmonious motion sequence. The digital absolute value encoder allows for accurate changeover to holding pressure and precise control and repeatability. The spacer technology in the ball-screw drive makes the machine run more smoothly, with less noise and longer component life.

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