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Nissei micro press features 12mm in-line screw

Issue: April 2015

NPX7 Advance  This hybrid micro injection press from Nissei America can mold parts weighing less than 1 gram. 

What’s new?  The unit is new to the North American market. It has a 7.7-ton straight hydraulic clamping force design and Nissei’s energy-efficient X-Pump hybrid pump system. The machine’s new high-end Tact IV controller features a newly designed operation panel, a larger screen with a two-window display, and improved capabilities for quality monitoring and production management, including traceable production data.

Benefits  Stable molding of high-precision micro parts due to a 12mm in-line screw. The X-Pump consumes up to 40 percent less power than traditional hydraulics. The press can be equipped with Nissei’s Smart Feeder, which prevents insufficient resin feeding and stabilizes resin melting and plasticizing.

Nissei America Inc., Anaheim, Calif., 714-693-3000, www.nisseiamerica.com