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Niigata all-electric C-frame press can mold complex parts

Issue: August 2017

MDV22C-S7000 Niigata has introduced its first all-electric-drive C-frame injection molding machine. It has a robust frame and produces clamping forces of 22 tons. In the U.S., the machines are distributed by DJA. The numbers in the first part of the machine’s name represent its clamping force; 22 tons equal about 20 metric tons — the number on the machine pictured, which was intended for the Japanese market.

What’s new? The machine, which has been available in the U.S. for a few months.

Benefits The ability to mold complex parts. Because it has no tie bars, the machine is well-suited for manufacturing long cables and performing reel-to-reel molding, as well as certain difficult insert or overmolding applications.

Daiichi Jitsugyo America Inc., Wood Dale, Ill., 630-875-0202, www.niigata-us.com