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Milacron debuts largest Roboshot press

Issue: April 2018

Roboshot This new all-electric injection molding machine series is suited for use in clean rooms and other demanding molding environments. 

What’s new? A 500-ton machine, the largest in the Milacron series. At NPE2018, it will be equipped with a 24-cavity mold to produce a detergent cap in 6-second cycle times. The cell will feature a Mold-Masters Master-Series valve-gated hot runner, TempMaster M2 hot-runner temperature-control system and DME mold components. The 500-ton version is pictured, with the 450 in its name signifying its clamping force in metric tons.

Benefits Rapid movements, reliability, precision and repeatability. Equipped with on-board artificial intelligence, the series boasts features to make predicting and avoiding maintenance problems easier. And, compared with hydraulic machine series, it uses far less energy. The newest Roboshot model is suited for working with larger molds with tie-bar spacing of 36.2 inches.

Milacron LLC, Batavia, Ohio, 513-536-2000, www.milacron.com