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Latest SmartPower is largest in series

Issue: August 2018

SmartPower Wittmann Battenfeld’s SmartPower line of servo-hydraulic injection molding machines features a small footprint and injection units that can be pivoted for easy access to the nozzle and screw. The machines use a kinetic-energy recovery system that reuses all of the energy from deceleration. The presses are suited for molding thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers and silicones.

What’s new? A model with 440 tons of clamping force, the largest in the SmartPower line. The new size also is available for SmartPower machines equipped with the Combimould process for multicomponent molding.

Benefits More options for making large parts. Wittmann Battenfeld added the new size in response to customer requests for a larger SmartPower machine. Additionally, the company has streamlined its manufacturing process to reduce lead times and speed delivery.

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